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What is this software product

We continue to delight our users with new useful software products from the category of browser extensions - in the summer of 2022, a service was released that allows you to download files from the Rumble social network.

As soon as we learned about the existence of this video hosting, which currently has about 32 million visits per month (mainly from the USA and Canada), we immediately realized the need to develop an appropriate script.


There are cases when online surfing works intermittently for some reason - in this case, the best solution is to download videos to your computer. In a situation where the Internet speed is low, the user will have to wait a long time for the player to load, which causes certain inconveniences.

In addition, even in the most democratic country in the world, cases of censorship interference are not excluded - in this case, our team will try to provide the ability to download from local mirrors.

How it works in practice

Rumble URLs don`t represent anything special - their name contains the domain itself, as well as the title of the video plus the ending "html". The developers of the portal did not bother and invent something more complicated. So, you need to go to one of these pages and click on the extension icon with a green arrow - if the parsing completes without errors (as you will see the corresponding message), download links will appear on the screen.

Please note that you can either open the received MP4 in a new window (if your browser does not support automatic downloading of files of this extension), or use our "Save" function, which will do it forcibly.

File formats

This version allows you to download all possible video resolutions with audio in MP4 format - the less common WEBM format is also available. It is worth mentioning that developers can complicate the possibility of getting links at any time, and then the service may be unavailable for some time.

Also as a bonus, download preview photos in JPEG format is available. Have a nice job, everyone!

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